The one stop retail solution shop

As retailers, you get bombarded every day with the latest innovation that promises to solve all your problems. So where do you start? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend just one where all the ve...

Diane Gane Diane

Pokémon helping to drive footfall

Augmented reality, often known as AR has been discussed for a while. Many people predicted that it would have a big impact in retail a long time ago. To this day I am yet to see a large impact on the ...

Scott Slinn Scott

The Ex Files: The truth was in here

70 leading retailers were drawn to the BT Tower recently in search of the truth about UFOs – those unfortunately frequent occurrences that make life difficult for retailers. A mix of non-believers, ...

Jessica Snelling Jessica

Managing digital disruption and innovation in retail

At our recent Ex Files event, Forrester analyst Michelle Beeson provided some stats and insight from the group’s most recent omnichannel research, which revealed that in the age of the hyper-connect...

Diane Gane Diane

RBTE with Pets at Home & Phase Eight

The recent Retail Business Technology Expo brought together the UK retail technology industry. Filled in the hall of London Olympia the show was bigger and busier than ever. Everyone was talking about...

Mark Denton Mark

Why the Omni-channel swap shop won’t stop

“Omni-channel” is about the buzziest of buzzwords at the moment. As customers we are waltzing  between digital and physical worlds as we attempt to get a bargain, get inspiration, de-risk our dec...

Nicola Millard Dr Nicola