Clienteling, Insights and analytics

Build closer customer relationships that boost the bottom line



CRM & Loyalty

Clienteling increases customer satisfaction and improves productivity.

It enables you to access historical customer behaviour to make recommendations and keep customers up to date on new products they may like.

Having this data to hand, you can focus on retention, reactivation, cross-selling and opportunity selling – the customer basics of: keep them coming; have them coming more often; interest them in more items per visit; and compel them to spread the word.

Our clienteling tool works seamlessly with our loyalty solution or can be integrated into your existing CRM solution for master data. It also includes:

diary and appointment planning

task management

style lounge

messaging/message board



My Black Book Customer List

Insights & analytics


Insights & analytics

Demystify sales and get information you can act on

Our loyalty tool provides analytics to help you understand customer behaviour, capitalise on growth opportunities or address declining activity.

CRM data reveals the true picture of your sales – so you’ll know exactly which customers are shopping consistently, which buy high margin products – and who is less loyal. And know which parts of the business are being affected by this.

Our tool provides retail-specific analysis with the KPIs you require: RFMX, Cross Shopping, Purchase Cycle, Stats Analysis, Campaign Analysis, Channel Analysis. And you can create dashboards and generate tailored reports – emailed on a Monday morning at 7am to keep your finger on the pulse.


CRM Solutions

Information is nothing, without understanding

A CRM tool can only give you so much. It’s the know-how that really makes the difference.

With 25 years’ experience and a solution created specifically for retail, we can accurately calculate your loyalty ROI and make sure it’s achieved on time.

Our retail best practice is second to none. We’ve helped retailers with average customer values of close to £1million and those closer to … £20. It all counts.

We’ll demonstrate the true value of customer data and insight, and show how it can help people right across the business – from buyers and merchandisers, sales staff and store managers right up to board members and retail directors – to make better decisions.

"After a review of the market, BT Expedite’s retail CRM solution shone through. We currently partner with BT in the areas of merchandising and e-commerce and we’re looking forward to working closely with the CRM team and implementing our next phase of loyalty."

Jason Moon, IT Director, Notcutts

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