Our award-winning full service solution provides a platform for success

Driven by a unique blend of technology and industry expertise, our e-commerce solutions are proven in the field and trusted by some of the world’s best known brands. We can help you expand internationally, break into new markets and seamlessly manage multiple brands through a single platform.

"We are delighted with our new e-commerce system.  The on time launch of the new site reflects the hard work put in by the teams at Cath Kidston and BT and the new site looks beautiful and is trading well.  We’re looking forward to the continued growth of our online business on the new platform."

Amy Bastow, eCommerce director, Cath Kidston

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FrescaCommerce platform

The hub of your omni-channel retail operation

As one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, FrescaCommerce is immensely scalable, flexible and robust – with everything you need to get the edge on the competition.

Driven by innovation, our feature-rich platform empowers digital teams to get complete control over everything, from merchandising and order management to payments and marketing, across all channels and devices.

 Built for multichannel, FrescaCommerce offers:

  • back-office systems for customer ordering, call centre and fulfilment functionality
  • established integrations with an array of systems and services
  • easy integration with leading web analytics and email campaigning software.


Creative design

Finding the perfect balance of an incredible on-brand experience with optimal conversion

We’ll make sure your site represents your brand beautifully, not only through well-considered layout and aesthetic design, but also with appropriate interactivity.

And because people want to use whatever technology is to hand, we’ll focus on making your site look and work great whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

Our mantra is ‘don’t make me think'; your customer shopped, explored, checked out and received great service – without once puzzling about how to do it.

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Digital marketing

Be the best that you can be online

We work with retailers to plan, deliver and optimise innovative digital campaigns, leveraging all channels and the latest technologies to boost engagement, conversion and loyalty.

We’ve developed a complete suite of products and professional services designed to maximise digital consumer engagement. It’s the ultimate digital marketing mix, incorporating:

  • Custom design and web development projects
    (blog, social and custom microsites)
  • Fresca Create
  • Analytical and data insight services
  • AB & multivariate testing


Responsive content platform

Extend and enhance your e-commerce website

We love to break new ground online, creating rich, social, interactive and commercial responsive web experiences.

Our Responsive Content Management Platform, Fresca Create is a pick and mixable rich content solution specifically engineered and designed to extend and enhance your e-commerce website.  


Shoppable content

A picture sells a thousand words

Make your images and videos shoppable and display them across your e-commerce and social sites using our Image & Video modules.

  • Online catalogue: create shoppable online catalogues joining up your direct mail and digital commerce strategies
  • Get the look: provide a simple and compelling way of buying outfits or bundled products
  • Blog/campaign microsite: engage your customers and promote your products by making social media images and videos shoppable
  • Web TV channel: make your site stickier and convert more customers using campaign and product video content


Multivariate testing

Better understanding helps boost revenue and conversion rates

We use AB & multivariate tests (MVT) and work closely with retailers to help them better understand what’s happening on their websites.

Our MVT service provides not just data, but real insight and actions. It will help you incrementally increase revenue and conversion rates, optimise the brand experience for all customers and mitigate or remove risks associated with making changes to your website blind.


Analytics & data insight

Information is nothing without understanding

Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements to Google Analytics. Fresca stats can set up custom goals and reports to give you valuable insight into your customers’ on-site behaviour, so you can pinpoint areas for improvement to optimise your website.

"The launch of e-commerce for our European business is very exciting for us. It enables us to give our consumers a true 360 degree shopping experience, with the possibility to shop in-store, online and on mobile"

Beatrice Lafon, President, Claire’s Europe

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Sales enquiries:

0870 850 6880

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