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We are BT’s retail specialists.  We enable better customer engagement, drive operational efficiency and support scalable growth by providing innovative, proven technology and business solutions for retailers
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We make things easier for you and your customers

Easy to buy
Easy to sell
Easy to manage
Easy to grow

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170 countries worldwide 100 leading retailers 26,000 tills day & night

Our award-winning solutions are behind some of the world’s largest and most successful retail organisations.

You’ll find us underpinning the operations of 100 leading retailers in over 170 countries worldwide.  We are not a supplier, we are a strategic partner and proven innovator. We will help you:

  • drive efficiency
  • empower staff
  • provide a seamless customer experience

We are unique in our ability to provide an end-to-end managed service, from consulting and software to connectivity and infrastructure. We’ll keep your technology up and running so you can focus on retailing.

Combining the flexibility of a dedicated retail team and the security and scalability of BT, why trust anyone else with the future of your business?

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