Drive sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction

We’ve teamed up with Baynote to improve website conversions by bringing customers the results they really want. Sales staff are great at quickly sizing up an individual and suggesting things to buy. Websites aren’t. Or at least they weren’t, until now. Improve conversions by bringing the right products to the right people at the right time.

Baynote’s Collective Intelligence Platform is quick and easy to install – you’ll be up and running in a week – pays for itself within a couple of months


The platform will help you:

  • boost e-commerce site directed revenue – by an average of 20%*
  • improve conversion rates – by up to 20%*
  • use Rank Search/Social Search to improve search relevance and increase revenues through search by more than 10%*
  • increase the relevancy of transactional and marketing emails to grow revenues through email by 5%*


* Source:


In fact, compared to manually merchandising, our solution can increase revenues through recommendations by as much as 350 per cent.


Baynote Powers the Adaptive Web

Baynote provides personalization and digital marketing optimization solutions that power the adaptive web, an emerging standard in customer experience that is always personal, relevant and convenient. By observing engagement patterns among like-minded individuals to understand user intent, the Baynote Adaptive Web Suite™ automatically optimizes and adapts the online experience, leading to increased conversions, revenue and loyalty. Baynote’s customers include: AT&T, CA, Dell, Expedia, Intuit, Fox, Urban Outfitters and VEVO.


The company is based in San Jose, Calif. with additional offices in the U.K. and Germany.


Baynote's Social Search feature draws in results from like-minded searchers. Observing how they interact with the products they discover, and not just basing it on the keywords they type, means you’ll deliver the products customers expect regardless of their query term. And, as this picture of your individual customer builds up, you’ll be able to provide tailored emails that keep them coming back to the site.



Further information on our partner Baynote...

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The perfect partner


By working together, we can provide market-leading platforms for both e-commerce and behavioural recommendations. We’ve integrated the two platforms so you can focus on merchandising your products and increasing online sales.


The data generated by the solution will help hone search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. You’ll even be able to automatically create websites targeted at “micro” niche markets so you can quickly adapt to potential emerging patterns efficiently and without human intervention.

We saw a dramatic increase in cross sell revenue within weeks of adopting Baynote... The results far exceeded our expectations.

Dmitri Siegel
Managing Director, Urban Outfitters

To find out more about increasing conversions and saving merchandising time, submit a query and we’ll get back to you.


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