3rd September, 2014

Customer engagement: Or, how to win loyalty with buttons

It’s the age of the consumer. Customers, armed with a ton of info and the ability to instantly shop the world for the best price, now call the shots. But loyalty’s not dead – and price isn’t everything.

In the omni-channel world, engaging with customers is easy to do. But tricky to do well. The key is consistency – and that means empowering staff to tap into systems and processes and giving them the same tools and info that customers are using. And joining up everything behind the scenes!


 Watch delegates from Thomas Pink, Carphone Warehouse and Asda, as well as Retail Week’s Charlotte Hardie, discuss the ins and outs of successful customer loyalty initiatives


With that in place you can take it to the next level – with smart clienteling apps and loyalty programmes that really personalise the experience for shoppers. You can then tailor customer experiences appropriately regardless of whether it’s their first visit or daily pilgrimage.


The success of initiatives such as “In the Pink” by Thomas Pink, which rewards top customers with “buttons”, proves that customers will buy into something that really reflects the brand and genuinely rewards loyalty.


Find out more about how we can help you use technology to engage better with your customers.


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