2nd March, 2016

Loyalty is a two way street: the shopfloor revolution

Our recent loyalty and CRM event at BT Tower included two presentations from retailers currently pushing the boundaries of technology and analytics to deliver a better service for customers and more effective processes for the business. First, Alex Field from Thomas Pink dug into the stats and showed how a new approach to analytics is fundamentally changing the brand. And then Dave Poole from Pets at Home outlined the PetPad revolution on the shopfloor.

Colleagues have customer details at their fingertips and can engage better with their VIPs (Very Important Pets) whenever they come in.

Pets at Home is driven by its core value of ‘pets before profit’. And that ethos has helped the niche retailer grow to more than 400 UK stores, with 350 vets and over 200 grooming rooms.

At the forefront of its success are the retailers’ store colleagues – and all operational and technical changes have to back up and maintain the relationship between customers and colleagues on the shopfloor.

With pet welfare the highest priority, Pets at Home’s sales journey includes thorough checking and briefing procedures. Previously this was entirely paper-based, and in triplicate, which meant it took a lot of time and a lot of boxes. And regular customers would have to go through the same questions over and over again.

The introduction of the PetPad has changed all that. It was designed to make life easier and better for both customers and colleagues.

So for customers the vision was of a faster process, one that met compliance regulations and joined up the dots behind the scenes. For colleagues, it had to be intuitive, work hand in hand with established processed and link through to customer data instantly.

Ultimately the PetPad is the link between retailer and customer and it enables colleagues to shine and use their knowledge to help serve customers better. The streamlining of paper processes and the connecting of systems through a mobile has freed colleagues to spend more time on the shop floor with customers.

Colleagues have customer details at their fingertips and can engage better with their VIPs (Very Important Pets) whenever they come in.

By replacing paper-based processes, the PetPad has significantly reduced task time and its intuitive processes mean that Pets at Home is already looking at more functions to migrate, including its subscriptions and dental/nutritional consultants.

All in all, Dave compared the impact of the PetPad to other technology milestones such as the barcode or Chip and PIN. And that’s definitely something to shout (or bark) about!

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