6th March, 2015

Personalising customer engagement in five steps

Everyone knows a happy customer is the key to retail success. The more you know about your customers, the more you can tailor their experience, encourage them to return and – ultimately – buy more from you. But with all the ‘customer’ buzzwords around (such as engagement and experience) where do you start?

Our new white paper sets out the five key steps you need to take to put your consumer at the heart of everything you do – and increase your revenue by 2 per cent at the same time. It provides practical advice and tips on each of the five steps to help you:


  1. Identify your customer touchpoints and centralise customer data from them
  2. Analyse the data and code customers in real-time with key preferences and value attributes
  3. Surface this information back to technology touchpoints for customer-triggered messaging, individualised content and optimised brand journey
  4. Share this information with your frontline employees for optimised task management and truly individual customer service
  5. Capture the behavioural impact of personalisation to further refine customer preferences and individuality


Download your copy of Personalising the engagement to see the role customer data has to play in personalisation, and practical advice on driving incremental sales, so you can make every season a peak one. We’ll also explain: how much data you need to capture before executives can trust it to make business decisions; the importance of employee engagement when considering customer engagement; and why frontline staff should have access to customer data.


And we’ll show you how customer data should link in real time to initiatives such as loyalty apps, consumer and corporate wi-fi, in-store and customer service, e-commerce journeys and PR activities.

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