All I Want for Christmas Is….

….a twinkly champagne-drinks invite to a festive viewing of top LBDs for the season; or a tantalising selection of ‘perfect gifts’ for my Christmas buying list – with the promise of a complimentary candle; or a straight 25% off any 2 items or more I purchase; or indeed, a simple £15 thank you voucher for being such a lovely customer all year – to spend on gifts or on myself!

Wouldn’t you love to know what your customers would really like?  And what it would take to entice them to you for their Christmas purchases? Distilling this down to its purest sense (the reality of knowing what individuals would like) is not that difficult. It can even become as divine as helping your customer decide what to buy – an opportunity we shall call ‘browse-op’ – enticing to browse, converting to shop.

So, what would I like for Christmas, given that I’m time-strapped, have children, a spouse, far too many family members and, somehow, a whole host of social events over the festive period?

Well, if you happen to be one of those retailers with whom I spend online; or who asks me for my phone number or postcode when I purchase in-store; or indeed is a brand I adore and has a loyalty app or card – then you are one of the lucky ones with the data to understand what I typically buy throughout the year as well as in the run up to Christmas.

And not only would you know all this, but the Christmas spirit would be yours given your capability – to determine which types of offers and communications I open, click-through and purchase. So this Christmas, put your Single Customer View (SCV) data to the test. Trial messages based on customer value and personalisation (preferred classes, departments, brands, styles) and make good use of customer attributes (such as children, pets and hobbies).

What about your elves?  Ensure store associates continue to capture who your customer is during the festive season – otherwise, you will never know which message resulted in highest conversion, both online and in-store.

Unless your brand is an exceptionally high-queue scenario, make sure you remain focused on capture compliance (% of store transactions captured with a customer identifier) as this may be your busiest time of year, when all your customer types shop with you. Please don’t forget to reward your elves – small gifts at Christmas for those who capture high volume/high quality data is always a nice gesture.

For those brands who don’t yet know their customer information and are battling it out without ‘the knowledge’ then I wish you well – and maybe this year Santa will bring you a bit of budget and an initiative to drive your SCV for 2015!

All I want for Christmas is …  a twinkly champagne drinks invite for myself and a friend at my local store, with a gift bag. Because last year, the brand that offered me this ended up with 80% of my gift shopping – and my own LBD purchase.

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  1. Wai Atkin says:

    Nice Christmas blog - it makes me think I need to get my Christmas shopping done right away. As a full time mum it would be great to get personalised communications that are specific for my family and rewards I can use in any shopping channel. So I can shop and get discounts on-line when I am on the train or get discounts in store during my lunch break.