20th May, 2015

A spotlight on Melanie Jensen

This month we hear from Melanie Jensen, our Product Manager. We get the lowdown on her previous e-commerce experience, her ambitions for BT Expedite and her love of long dog walks.

Previous e-commerce experience

I’ve been involved in the e-commerce industry for almost 12 years now – always for a platform provider but in a variety of roles, mostly project/programme management as well as product management, but with a little customer support, design and development thrown in for good measure.

During that time I am proud to have worked with small start-up businesses, operating from a spare room at home and looking to build an online presence, through to household names such as the Tolkien and Robbie Williams brands, and everything in between.

I joined BT Expedite from Powa Technologies, where I served as a product owner for PowaTag, where we took a conceptual idea with two developers working on a demo version of the mobile app through to a team of around 30 developers working on a production application that we launched in several countries around the world.


What am I most looking forward to learning/doing at BT Expedite?

During my time in e-commerce there has been a huge evolution of technology and methodology, and the kind of ‘Can’t we just make the system do this…..?’ impossible questions that clients used to ask just four or five years ago are now not only becoming a possibility but actually a necessity for retailers looking to stay relevant online.

It’s a really exciting time to be a part of this industry, not least because BT Expedite recognises the trends in the industry and wants to be a leader in its field.  Who wouldn’t look forward to being involved in that?


Personal interests

I’m an avid reader, and also enjoy painting when I get the time. I love going for long walks with my husband and dogs (followed by long pub lunches), and am also a keen yogi and recently qualified as a yoga instructor.


E-commerce roadmap

I’m working closely with our new business insight director, Joanna Kelly, and the rest of the e-commerce  team to evolve the current e-commerce product offering so that it supports our existing clients’ online growth, and make us competitive in the marketplace.

We’ve identified a number of carefully selected technology partners, offering enhanced features such as SEO, fulfilment, payments and personalisation, with whom we plan to integrate.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be starting to let you know a bit more about each of these partners and to find out which features you would like us to prioritise.

We’ll also be running a series of workshops this year to get your input for key existing features that need some improvements, such as Wishlists and Returns. We need your input to help us build a set of standard product requirements which we can build into our roadmap .

Email us on [email protected] to register your interest.


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