Christmas was all wrapped up for Cath Kidston

Christmas has come and gone, but as you would expect, for most retailers it was the key period of the year to ensure their products were easy to shop for and merchandised perfectly.

For an eminently gift-able brand like Cath Kidston it was clear that a well-ordered and appealing Christmas Shop would help customers find their ideal gifts.

We discussed ideas and chose a solution that we brought to life with great creative by deploying our powerful Fresca Create Suite.

The Christmas shop needed to be effective for both tablet and desktop use and also for mobile users. We delivered the right solution for the two interfaces – a different concept to making the site work responsively, but in many ways equally challenging.

Firstly it was important to separate design issues from functionality by using wireframes, helping both Cath Kidston and us, BT Expedite, to focus on exactly what would be required. A simple grey-box rendering of the screens meant we quickly reached a consensus on the content areas and how it would all connect together.

The core concept was to have a destination Christmas landing page linking through to special list pages and products. Fresca Grid was used to assemble the templates and the other Fresca Create tools were used to bring it to life.

A fun carousel of products – ‘Cath’s Curiosity Cabinet’ was constructed using the Fresca Outfit tool to enable multiple products to be merchandised and sold together from one location. The flexible grid meant we could put together an exciting layout without restriction and set links through to some of the key categories.

The navigation for the Christmas Shop needed to be both easy to spot and use, whilst also being unobtrusive (and needed to be dynamic based on categories created in the Fresca Create back office) – a challenge we rose to, whilst ensuring the solution was also suitable for touch interaction.

The Cath Kidston team put together a compelling list of categories to help their customers identify suitable offerings, so that all potential recipients were catered for. Teachers, Fashionistas, kids, those simply focused on a particular price point and many others all had bespoke list pages to ease their shopping.

Fresca Grid was used to put these list pages together with bold main banners and larger product images than list pages elsewhere on the site for impact and ease of shopping. Fresca Image was deployed allowing products to be clicked on and bought from the list page, so customers could carry on shopping without having to navigate back and forth between list pages and product detail pages.

We especially had some fun putting together an animated banner for the main Christmas page – click on the image to see if you can you spot Santa?!

The combination of a great client who was involved throughout the process, creative freedom, a clear brief and a great tool set made this project a lot of fun to work on, but we’ll let our client, Laura Bailey (Cath Kidston website manager), have the last word on how it all went:

“At Cath Kidston, creativity, fun and nostalgia are part of our DNA and a lack of dynamic content spaces meant we experienced limitations in being able to effectively portray our brand online. Fresca Create has allowed us to give our customers a rich and engaging shopping experience, while building brand affinity. We now have the ability to let our creativity flow and the broad range of grid layouts allows our assets to shine. We’re very much looking forward to utilizing Fresca Create for our SS15 campaign. “

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