14th March, 2016

e-commerce Feature Spotlight: Wishlists

The wishlist was identified as an area that needed significant improvement to keep pace with industry. So, since the delivery of FCP6, we’ve turned our attention towards all things wishlist.

To identify the future requirements of the wishlist functionality we collated previous requirements raised by existing customers and from previous RFPs (Request for proposal), and supplemented them with our knowledge and experience.

We circulated this for review within a snapshot of our customers, and collated their feedback and additional requests, before presenting our initial plans back to them at a workshop session.

The workshop enabled us to collaborate on defining the specification of some of the more complex features, as well as to really understand the key elements. We have broken down the key deliverables into three initial iterations:

  • Phase 1 will allow us to make the required architectural changes that will enable our future wishlist ambitions, as well as provide basic reporting into end-customers’ wishlist contents and information.
  • Phase 2 will introduce multiple wishlist capability, public wishlist capability, enable simple social sharing and allow integration into other systems, such as CRM.
  • Phase 3 will introduce gift listing and will build on the reporting and social sharing capabilities.

The scope of the various iterations will be further refined as the project progresses, and we will also be looking to gather continual feedback from customers using these services in order to refine and develop the wishlist feature set over the coming months and years.

As each iteration becomes available for launch we’ll share the details of that launch with you, as well as our plans for the next iteration and any related feedback sessions.  So watch this space for more exciting news!

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