14th March, 2016

FCP6 Roadmap: Off to a cracking start!

We’ve had a very productive start to 2016, and have already built on FCP6’s (FrescaCommerce Platform) fantastic persistent basket capabilities by enabling different baskets per channel. This is great news for retailers who want to customise their catalogue per channel. We’ve also built in a number of product customisation services, such as enabling special instructions at a product level, gift messaging per item and enabling specification options or details per product.

As if that hasn’t kept us busy enough, we’ve also built a new PSP (Payment Services Provider) gateway for WorldPay, which is really exciting for us for a variety of reasons:

  • WorldPay is one of the most established PSPs in the industry, and is a worldwide payment processor and acquirer with locations all across the globe.
  • It is considered to be one of Europe’s largest providers of payment services, processing high volumes of transactions and being at the forefront of fraud detection technology.
  • It offers 24/7 customer support (where a customer can speak to a real human being), which is not something all vendors can boast.
  • It can scale with ease, processing millions of transactions per day, supporting 120 different currencies and more than 200 payment types.

The gateway is available to new and existing customers on FCP6. If you’re interested learning more about moving to WorldPay as a PSP on FCP6, please contact us or contact your account manager.

What Next?

We’re planning on making significant changes to our Wishlist facility, and have big plans to improve the back office interface, reporting function and international capabilities. We’re also staying up to date compliance-wise and have a couple of major projects lined up to upgrade TSL for all payment gateways, and to upgrade the current Sales Tax solution.

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