New responsive website makes mobile easier for Jigsaw

We’ve just agreed a new deal with Jigsaw which will involve us redesigning the luxury high street retailer’s website,

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that as part of the refresh, we’ll be moving the website across to our new e-commerce platform  – making Jigsaw our first client on the new system. This offers users a much more interactive way to develop changes. It’s more modular and configurable so new features can be bolted on seamlessly.

The new optimised, service-led e-commerce platform will be at the heart of Jigsaw’s operations and central to the retailer’s future plans.

The new website will also be fully responsive, so however customers choose to shop online – whether desktop, tablet or mobile – the site will both look and work great. We’re seeing more and more retailers go responsive as digital customers and mobile traffic continues to grow. It also means just one channel to manage and maintain for Jigsaw, rather than having the mobile channel as a separate platform.

As well as the main website, the deal also covers the website for The Shop at BlueBird, Jigsaw Group’s luxury concept store on London’s Kings Road.

Right now we’re in the design phase, which involves getting a look and feel for the site that enhances the brand through every element. Perhaps the biggest challenge when designing a responsive website is ensuring that the experience feels native to, and is optimised for, every type of device that might be used to access it. Given that this is a single website being viewed on large desktops, small laptops, tablets and smart phones (in either orientation) this is quite a challenge, but one that we have a proven track record in getting right.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be aiming to move on to the development stage when things start to really come to life. As well as a new design on a new platform we also have a new way of sharing progress with clients which makes reviewing and feeding back much more interactive.

And, if all goes well, we’ll be launching two fantastic new websites in September. Watch this space!



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