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Online shopping stats from our e-commerce platform, FrescaCommerce have revealed a new trend. It seems more and more of us are tuning in, switching on, and checking out with a significant number of ‘Downton Abbey shoppers’ buying items on mobile devices between the hours of 9pm and 10pm – while watching TV.

These multitasking second screeners are part of a general mobile commerce revolution in the UK, which resulted in orders placed on mobile devices (including tablets) increasing by 125 per cent during the Christmas shopping period.

This was just one of a number of record breaking figures achieved during the festive period. In fact, the Platform’s busiest shopping day, ‘Mega Monday’ (3 December), saw a 25% increase in orders compared to the busiest day for Christmas 2011 (5 December).

The overall figures for 2012 also highlight another trend when compared to the year before:

2012 Year on Year summary

  • order volume +17%
  • order value +14%
  • average value of each order -3%

Christmas 2012 Year on Year comparison


So it seems the modern shopper is getting more and more comfortable ordering on a mobile device – and has an eye for a bargain.

As these trends mature and the stats reveal more about shopping habits, it’ll be interesting to see if we have to sub-divide the mobile channel and its marketing strategy between those who are truly mobile (out and about) and the “immobile mobiles” logging on to a wi-fi connection at home.

And with smart TVs hooked up to the wi-fi network in more and more homes, how far away are we from genuine TV-commerce, with personalised, interactive advertising and programming? It’ll give multi-channel shopping a whole new meaning. In the meantime, we just have to hope that the spring TV schedule is full of repeats.

Posted by Richard Vining, Head of QA & Performance, BT Expedite


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