19th September, 2014

Mobile: You’ve got the whole wide world, in your hands…

Retailers know that “mobile” goes a whole lot further than buying stuff on a smartphone. Make no mistake; that’s important – and likely to become even more so. In fact, analysts expect £5.8 billion to come from UK mobile retail by 2016.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Mobile seeps into almost every aspect of modern retail. Think in-store iPads, real-time stock checks, instant in-store offers, personalised purchase information, basket building and queue-busting. Mobile holds all of this together – and the infrastructure that delivers an enhanced experience for customers opens a whole new world of opportunities behind the scenes.


Watch Pets at Home and Monsoon Accessorize discuss how mobile is helping them engage customers, empower staff and improve operational efficiency.


Because all the power that customers hold in their hands – store info, product details, pricing and delivery options – can just as easily be wielded by store staff out on the shop floor. Not to mention driving systems and processes more efficiently behind the scenes.


Retailers who have introduced mobile have reported that the benefits go much further than anticipated. So, for example, Pets at Home’s innovative PetPad project is helping support new ways of working. And it’s already being described as revolutionary by store colleagues – on a par with barcodes and Chip & PIN.


Find out more about how we can help you engage customers, empower staff and improve operational efficiency.


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