Award winners show innovation is the way forward

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s BT Retail Week Technology Awards, held in London on 11 June. It was another fantastic night – with the retail technology crowd gathered together to celebrate the very best in the industry.

The competition in every category this year was as fierce as it’s ever been – and the winners can be extremely proud of what they’ve achieved. But, to be honest, everyone who made the shortlist should feel like a winner.

And I’m not just saying that because we made the shortlist in a couple of categories!

We were up for awards with our customers for: Supply Chain & Fulfilment Excellence with Charles Clinkard, and Innovation of the Year with Pets at Home.  Unfortunately we didn’t come out on top, but I know the amount of work and effort that’s gone into developing and rolling out these projects – and many others like them – this year. And it’s testament to the passion and energy of everyone involved that they’ll no doubt be back in contention again next year.

That’s the one thing that really stood out on the night. Here we had some of the most imaginative, innovative and exciting projects on the go in any industry – projects that have influenced people way beyond the retail technology population – and next year there will be another batch of groundbreaking ideas up for prizes.

That level of consistent innovation, of pushing the boundaries of technology, year on year is why everyone involved – winners, shortlisted entries and those too busy to put together an award submission – should be celebrated and celebrating.

You can see videos of all the winners on the BT Retail Week Technology Awards site.

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