The ingredients needed to make a perfect retail technology event

What makes a good event for retailers with an eye on technology? This is something we’ve been debating and discussing recently at BT Expedite and we think we’ve found the ideal blend.

First, you need a decent slice of inspiration. This can come from high profile or interesting speakers or from the technology you have on show. At this year’s BT for Retail Summit we’ve pushed the boat out and included both. Sometimes you need to indulge yourself… So we have last year’s show-stealer, customer experience futurologist Nicola Millard, back again. And we’ve enticed Claire’s global IT senior VP to visit from the US.

BT for Retail Infographic

Of course on its own, inspiration can get a bit sickly. It’s important to balance it up with a good dollop of real-world experience. After all, the waiter can inspire you with the specials, but only the chef can reveal how they’re made.

So if you’re looking to recreate some of the tastiest things on the retail technology menu at the moment, we have the people you need to talk to – senior IT, CRM, e-commerce, merchandising and store professionals from Brown Thomas, Liberty, Pet at Home, Primark and Tesco, to name just a few. To balance the flavour we’ve also added a side-dish of demos, with technology suppliers on hand to show how things work. Given the scale of this year’s event, we’ve got 22 demos, ranging from Cisco and Datalogic to Momentis and PayPal and covering everything from clienteling to wi-fi.

It’s vital to keep your portions bite-sized – the best events are buffets – so  we’ve split day one of our Summit into three themed breakout streams – based around Click and connect, Retail unplugged and Network your business, with 9 retailer-led sessions in the mix.

The important thing is not to rush. If you’re pushed for time you can try a bit of everything on day one. But day two brings out the deeper flavours. Our product workshops will give you a chance to really get your teeth into what we’ve got lined up for our Store, CRM, e-commerce and supply chain products over the next 12 months and beyond.

Remember, don’t overpower your dish with too much of just one flavour. Variety is vital. And of course, presentation important. That’s why we’ve taken over the magnificent motor-racing themed Whittlebury Hall this year and we’ll have BT Sport’s Jake Humphrey to add the finishing touch as after dinner speaker on day 1.

There you have it. A veritable feast for retail technology specialists. If you fancy a nibble, you can put your order in here.

David Grossman, CEO, BT Expedite

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