Jake Humphrey talks shop at the BT for Retail Summit

Our after-dinner speaker at this year’s event was TV and radio broadcaster, Jake Humphrey. An experienced and knowledgeable presenter, Jake’s currently the face of Premier League Football on BT Sport having been at the forefront of much of BBC Sport’s coverage for many national and international events.

Watch Jake highlight the parallels between business and sport>

During the evening Jake highlighted the parallels between sport and business, and the “quest for perfection” that the best in both worlds share. So, for example, F1 teams will analyse every aspect – looking for marginal gains in all the tiny parts – to gain improvements in the overall performance.

Thriving on the adrenalin of live TV, “without a safety net”, Jake wasn’t to be fazed by the 100 retailers that faced him. He talked about his own career highlights, including being fired from McDonalds and surviving children’s TV to becoming the face of BBC’s F1 coverage and blasting “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen to David Ginola every time they are about to go on air.

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