PetPad set to revolutionise store operations

How big a change is mobile for retailers? At Pets at Home, the roll-out of the ‘PetPad’ is being described as revolutionary – on a par with the introduction of barcodes and Chip & PIN and set to make the retailer the “Apple store of pet care”.

See how mobile technology – and the PetPad – has helped transform the in-store experience, improve efficiency and free store colleagues to help customers>


The driving force behind the project was to free store colleagues to spend more time with customers – and improve the overall in-store experience. But by streamlining processes and enabling the capture of customer data on the shop floor, the PetPad has resulted in fundamental shift in the way the business operates.


Colleagues can now recognise VIP (Very Important Pet) customers, scan add-on items and collect (and retrieve) questions and answers to assess suitability. And this is just the beginning – there are already murmurs of training, queue-busting and mobile printing to be added in the near future…

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