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We’re about a third of the way through a nine-month project to install a new integrated multichannel solution for footwear specialist Charles Clinkard, including a merchandising system, point of sale, and CRM.

After three months of hard work on both sides, we’re bang on track to have the new system up and running in all 34 branches before the next big trading period for footwear retailers at Easter (yes, that’s right, Easter. Apparently people don’t ask Santa for shoes).

With the software now in place and the design phase drawing to a close, we’ve been working together to figure out how to set things up so that Charles Clinkard gets the most out of the functionality that comes with the Mercatus merchandising system. The company’s current system has served it well for the past 10 years, but it just can’t cope with the demands of a more integrated, multichannel world.

Right now that’s a nuisance – soon, it’ll be a disaster. Customers are getting used to seamless, multichannel shopping and increasingly expect things like click and collect.

As the teams have kicked around different ways of overcoming the more fiddly aspects of footwear merchandising (such as every size of every style in five different widths!) we’ve been regular visitors to the Charles Clinkard head office – as much as 2-3 times a week over the summer.

Fortunately everyone seems to be getting on and that familiarity has bred a great working relationship that’s really helping us create a solution that should support Charles Clinkard for many years to come.

Watch the video and read the full story, including the views of  Tim Payne, Charles Clinkard’s merchandise director

About Charles Clinkard

The business began in 1924 with the opening of a shoe shop in Stockton. From small beginnings The Clinkard Group has now grown to be the leading Independent Footwear Retailer in the North East and one of the largest Independents in the UK. The current Managing Director – Charles Clinkard – is the grandson of the founders and continues the values that have established the business. The group consists of two key components: Charles Clinkard, which is the retail arm, and Intershoe the wholesale operation.

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This week we were very pleased to announce a deal with Charles Clinkard, one of the largest independent footwear retailers in the UK. Charles Clinkard had been looking hard for ways of integrating its on and offline activities; current systems needed a lot of manual processing for functions such as click and reserve. But after its research of the retail technology market place the company chose BT Expedite so I’m grateful to it and our people who worked so hard to show what we could do.


We’ll be installing Connected Retailer multichannel system for Charles Clinkard, including Mercatus central merchandising, Store 6 point-of-sale, integrated store and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Retail integration projects like this can be very complex, and Charles Clinkard wanted to be certain that the installation project could take place without business interruption.  We’ve got quite a bit of experience of carrying out these projects now and we were able to show what we’d done for other retailers in similar circumstances.  It also wanted to ensure that anything we put in would be future proof, constant expenditure on systems and a small IT team meant that ‘keeping ahead’ was vital. We showed how we continually invest in our technology to keep it ahead of the game.

These projects are fascinating. Clients can go into them with some trepidation and they’re right to do so but there’s plenty out there now that have hit the new wave of combined on and offline retailing, and we’ve been pleased to help them along the way. We’re looking forward to making Charles Clinkard into another text-book case study – we’re a great fit for it, and it should know!

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