15th September, 2014

Tech&ecomm summit brings two main retail trends together

Here at BT Expedite we can’t wait for the Retail Week tech&ecomm summit at the Emirates Stadium on 17-18 July. By bringing together technology and e-commerce, the two-day event is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the trends and innovations that are shaping retail right now.

As all of our own customers know, the line between in-store retail and e-commerce began to blur some time ago – even if the systems and processes don’t always merge quite as seamlessly. But that’s changing, as retailers begin to put in place the tools needed to meet these challenges and trends.

It comes back to something we’ve been passionately talking about in recent years:  providing a seamless customer experience regardless of channel. And that means being able to manage stock more efficiently and integrate store, digital and mobile channels.

We’ll be at the event in an official capacity – you can visit us at stand 13 in the Woolwich Suite for a glimpse of what’s possible right now in terms of technology innovation – and what’s coming down the line. We’ll have innovation on show from right across the retail journey, from supply chain and point of sale to e-commerce and loyalty! If you want a personalised walkthrough of what we can do, you book a tour in advance.

But probably the biggest attraction of the event is the quality of speakers. The whole thing kicks off with a keynote speech from Mike McNamara, CIO of Tesco who’ll predict what a technology-fuelled retailer of the future might look like. And there are a huge amount of inspirational presentations to follow over the next two days.

As part of this, our new CEO Kathy Quashie will be presenting an afternoon session on day one in association with John Bovill from Monsoon Accessorize. It’s in Stream A, which looks at how technology can support growth, at 2.45pm and Kathy and John will be discussing Bridging bricks and clicks: Effectively leveraging technology in-stores. Between them they’ll cover the role of POS, the challenge of implementing mobile POS and drawing on their own experiences with recent projects.

Make sure you get a seat at the front!

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