CRM & loyalty

Loyalty is a two way street: the shopfloor revolution

Our recent loyalty and CRM event at BT Tower included two presentations from retailers currently pushing the boundaries of technology and analytics to deliver a better service for customers and more e...

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Personalising customer engagement in five steps

Everyone knows a happy customer is the key to retail success. The more you know about your customers, the more you can tailor their experience, encourage them to return and – ultimately – buy more...

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All I Want for Christmas Is….

….a twinkly champagne-drinks invite to a festive viewing of top LBDs for the season; or a tantalising selection of ‘perfect gifts’ for my Christmas buying list – with the promise of a comp...

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Pets off the leash

Why go mobile? That’s the question many retailers are wrestling with at the moment and there are many watching the trendsetters for evidence of ROI. As someone who has led a successful in-store mobi...

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