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BT Expedite & BT Fresca Client Conference 25th May - 26th May 2011 Stratford-upon-Avon

Bringing it all together for profitable multichannel retailing

We really did bring it all together at Stratford this year – with more retailers, more retailer-led sessions, more demos and more user groups than ever before.

Over two days we heard about different ways to tackle expansion, Facebook commerce sites, international fraud prevention, the art of clientelling, revolutionary learning systems, and the beginnings of a new age in stock management.  And at the end of it all we even had wise words from Red Dwarf’s Kryten. Now that’s bringing it ALL together.

Relive the event

If you need a quick reminder of what you saw at the event – or a glimpse on what you missed out on – you can get a flavour of what was covered from the video highlights below.

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Get to the heart of CRM & loyalty

Cole Haan, Thomas Pink and Liberty discuss the ups and downs of CRM & Loyalty


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Expansion: franchise or e-commerce?

Hear Aurora Fashions, Aldo Group and Momentis, as well as BT's Robin Coles, discuss competing strategies

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Integrated store roll out

Jason Shorrock introduces the easy way to get click and collect in place


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Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Kevin Burns provides an overview of what's becoming an annual conference favourite


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On-demand retail systems in the cloud

Crabtree & evelyn has become the first retailer to opt for our hosted on-demand point of sale


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Self-checkout now not just for grocers

NCR and WH Smith explain why self-checkouts might be about to really take off


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An agile supply chain means better business

Robin Coles shares his thoughts on smarter supply chain integration following the presentation by Thomas Pink

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Learning with a CITRUS twist

The Co-operative Food Group has rolled out a fantastic new training portal with BT Learn Diverse

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Why decoupling IT systems makes sense

Pets at Home is blazing a trail in retail IT to help make the business more agile


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