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Build closer customer relationships that boost the bottom line

Gain better customer affinity with your brand, increased spending patterns and customer referral through clienteling.

Clienteling is the discipline of building closer relationships with your customers resulting in incremental margin on your bottom line.

It has two positive impacts: increased customer satisfaction and, by blueprinting the best practice of your top sales associates so that others can emulate their success, improved productivity.


A 360-degree customer-centric view

Developing a 360-degree customer-centric view requires real purchase detail from all of your selling channels. With this knowledge, you can swiftly and easily develop campaigns that show measurable results, and clearly demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of your Customer relationship management (CRM) approach.


The key to success is choosing a CRM solution designed for retail. Only retail-hardened CRM can track all the valuable data intrinsic to your retail business.

Build a foundation for repeat business

Equally as important is the customer interaction at the point of service; whether that’s in your store, on your website or over the phone, or on your social network site. Our retail CRM solution is designed to work on mobile hand-held devices, electronic point of sales (EPoS), kiosks and through web services available to your web, store or call centre sites. This helps ensure your sales associates/agents and your website capture customer preferences and use relevant CRM information to enhance your customer’s transaction, either in value or service, and build a foundation for repeat business.

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Further information on Clienteling...


Download the Clienteling Product sheet Download our Clienteling data sheet 


Download our CRM & Loyalty brochureDownload our CRM & Loyalty brochure


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Request the clientelling whitepaper Whitepaper: Five steps to a better class of Clienteling


Visit our Mobile Point of Sale webpage Visit our Mobile Point of Sale webpage

Five steps to a better class of Clienteling

  • Agree who to target, and how to develop that relationship
  • Identify key performance identifiers (KPIs) and associated reporting to measure improvements
  • Provide the tools and processes to enable successful clienteling
  • Develop a reward and recognise programme for sales associates
  • Establish a roadmap and company vision for clienteling


By having this data to hand, retailers can focus on retention, reactivation, cross-selling and opportunity selling, which translates to the customer basics of: keep them coming; have them coming more often; interest them in more items per visit; and compel them to spread the word so that more people are converted and in turn become profitable brand advocates.


To find out more about our Loyalty & CRM Solutions submit a query and we’ll get back to you.


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