BT Expedite multichannel retail solutions


End-to-end solutions for the VIPs in your business: your customers

We share a common focus: your customers. Meeting and exceeding their expectations is so often the basis for successful business. By thinking about our customers we can measure what we do in their terms:

  • is my merchandise in stock?
  • can I pay for this quickly and efficiently?
  • can I get something that isn't in stock delivered to my home or my local store?
  • am I recognised and rewarded for my custom?

Answering questions like these requires more than a piece of software or a fast internet connection. It requires an end-to-end solution that takes into account what's right for your business now.

We deliver technology combined with intelligent planning, best practices, seasoned implementation and training, so that your customers' expectations are met and exceeded.

Solutions combined with exceptional services

In this section you will find best of breed software, complemented by exceptional services proven through many hundreds of implementations. We also offer two more critical components to improve your staff effectiveness -- award-winning Elearning solutions and a deep understanding of the benefits of mobile working in the retail environment.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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