BT Expedite multichannel retail solutions


Today’s retail training challenges

The challenges of staff training in the retail environment are numerous: high staff turnover, the need for business continuity, staff empowerment, distributed workforces, new product introductions, new processes, retail technology developments, new legislation, demanding customers and increasing competition.

Empowering your staff with the information they need

Elearning meets your challenges head-on by delivering:

  • Training available anywhere, on POS screens, hand held terminals, kiosks, back-office or home PCs
  • 24/7 access to training
  • job specific, contextualised training
  • consistent training messages
  • self-paced learning
  • assessment, tracking and effective management
  • a sustainable training resource

Well trained and knowledgeable staff form the core of a successful retail operation. We have in-depth experience in providing creative learning solutions for the UK's biggest and most successful retailers.

Results that demonstrate success

Our solutions produce results that are reflected in our client list and in our award-winning implementations, some of the benefits our clients have achieved:

  • Reduction in store training costs by 35%
  • Delivery of multi-language, single curriculum training to support global expansion
  • Support calls down by 46%

Elearning award achievements include a World of Learning Award in November 2006, and short-listed entries for a 2006 Microsoft Retail Application Development award and a 2007 European Retail Solutions Award.



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