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The challenge of getting more from your staff

The more time your staff can spend on the shop floor the more opportunities there are to increase sales. For example, surveys have shown that nearly a quarter of store managers spend 25% to 50% of their time reading and writing emails. There are so many areas where mobile technology can improve staff effectiveness and cut costs:

  • mobile data communications: email and access to head office information systems
  • voice communications: using wireless communications to route voice traffic within your stores and offices
  • mobile applications: stock receiving, shelf edge label printing, EPoS with payment by card, receipt printing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), elearning technologies so that staff can learn anywhere

Mobile workers are more effective

Mobile applications deliver results because they work where they are needed. Our customers putting mobility to work have seen a 90% reduction in costs associated with receiving inventory from automation and scanning, and a 40% saving for stock checks carried out in situ. Mobile line-busting Point of Sale technology was introduced by us more than five years ago, and we continue to champion the transition of applications to mobile devices to deliver more flexible and productive work practices.

For more information on the use of mobile technology in your stores review this BT brochure or contact us.

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