BT Expedite multichannel retail solutions

Grocery & convenience

Satisfying your customers; reducing your costs

At the heart of every retail business is the desire to provide excellent customer service. Never more so than in today’s competitive grocery marketplace where you need to offer your customers the fastest, most reliable service possible and be able to respond to their changing demands. This means everything, from supplier through to checkout, needs to work all the time and in real-time to satisfy demand and drive revenue growth from a lower cost base.

In an environment where consumers’ time is at a premium, they expect to find all the items on their shopping list and to be served immediately with a minimum of hassle. Your business is about providing more choice and better service to your customers but this can’t be at the risk of decreased margins and increased overhead.

Put BT Expedite in your shopping basket!

With our expertise in large implementations, we can take on sourcing and managing your technology needs from various suppliers and provide a complete service from inception to completion in areas such as rollout, project management, training and support. This frees you to focus on your core business; serving customers. What’s more, in partnership with Retalix, we can bring you best-of-breed software solutions for point-of-sale and stock replenishment in supermarkets, in-store cafés, petrol forecourts and convenience stores.

Add to this our own innovative technologies for proactive monitoring and resolution of hardware and networking problems across your estate and our award-winning Elearning solutions to solve the challenges associated with untrained staff, compliance with regulations and high staff turnover.

What happens next ... real results told us:

“There is a business improvement mantra within Tesco. We say things need to be better, simpler, and cheaper. With greater bandwidth the solution from BT is certainly better for our customers. Internally we no longer have the headache of managing the internet connections and the hosting environment, so it is simpler for our staff. The final bonus is that it is actually cheaper as well.”

Tesco said this about Retalix:

“Three years ago we faced the choice to change technology. We were looking at what to do about POS terminals, and we chose to stay with Retalix for two reasons: first, because of the quality of the team that we have the pleasure to work with. And second because we have the busiest lanes in the world and they work all the time. As the head of IT at Tesco, let me tell you, that probably the most important thing for me: knowing that every day the lanes are going to work.”

You’re all about providing more choice and better value to your customers, and so are we. You can read our brochure 'Healthy options for IT' here, or if you have any questions please contact us.

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