BT Expedite multichannel retail solutions

Managed services

Supporting your business strategy

It all starts with your business strategy. Whether your focus is on cutting costs, growing market share, providing better customer service or standing out from your competitors. Business strategy then directs your priorities for IT, from process optimization, quality improvement and organization streamlining to cost reduction.

Partnering on IT
Many of the managed services we provide were originally in the domain of the retailer's IT department. The intent is to help you avoid the extensive additional internal costs that can be incurred in supporting and deploying the IT solutions that underpin your business strategy. BT Expedite has deep experience in this field, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best ... selling to and serving your customers.

Managed Services include:

  • Programme Governance and Reporting
  • HDI
  • Implementation co-ordination and planning
  • Communications
  • Regression Testing
  • Programme Change Control
  • Service Integration and Handover
  • Site Surveys (inc asbestos identification)
  • Data & Power
  • Upgrade and release deployment
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Network Provision
  • Hardware Procurement & Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Training & eLearning
  • Service Desk

Business successes

“Handing over the management of our store IT services will allow us to improve efficiency and provide a better level of service to our customers. We believe BT’s managed services proposition to be unique in the market, in the way that the company can proactively monitor our operations to prevent any risk of downtime.”

“I have been told at store level – and the board, too, is aware of this – that this is regarded as the best implementation of any WHSmith system ever.”

- Peter Swann, IT Director, WHSmith

“They understand the solution inside out, so they know exactly how any changes are going to impact your business. And they really know retail – they speak the language of retail.”

- John Bovill, Business Development Manager, Oasis


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