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Loyalty & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get to know your customers and give them exactly what they want

Building satisfying, profitable customer relationships is essential for retail success. But you don’t build a committed relationship with a 10 per cent discount. CRM is about delivering on a brand promise consistently, no matter what the season or channel.

Our loyalty and CRM solution gives you a 360° view of the customer across all sales channels, and enables you to get more from your marketing budget

Burberry, Brown Thomas, Bhs, Austin Reed, Karen Millen, Viyella, Country Casuals and Asprey know their customers. Like, really know their customers. That’s because they are using our CRM solution to manage everything centrally, understand customer profitability, track multichannel communications and unearth their best shoppers.

And their customers like it. Why? Because it means they get messages, suggestions and special offers that they actually want – and don’t get bombarded with meaningless junk emails and coupons.


The end result is higher open, click through and conversion rates; more people spending more money, more often. And we can help you do this too.


Providing packaged CRM, loyalty and cardless loyalty schemes to over 120 retailers


We've been delivering CRM solutions for over 25 years to every type of retailer – from high-end boutiques to factory outlets; small family-owned businesses to multinational brands.


This breadth and depth of experience means we understand the nuances of each set-up and can design a blueprint for success.


Spend less, earn more


Our services are honed to give an early return on investment and actionable strategic and operational insights.


Our CRM solution showed 30 per cent of one client’s customers hadn’t bought anything in twelve months – lost revenue of £17million.


A targeted, personalised campaign to these customers, brought in incremental revenue of £517,000.


Costs were minimal – our system’s quick and easy to use so you don’t need to rely on an IT team – and the return on the marketing budget was an impressive 25 to one.




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Further Information on our CRM services...

Download our CRM & Loyalty brochureDownload our CRM & Loyalty brochure


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 One system, endless possibilities

You need real-time connectivity across all sales channels, including mobile hand-held, point of sale, kiosk, web and call centre, to get a single view of the customer. You can then capture customer preferences at every touchpoint and use relevant CRM information to continually improve customer service, drive loyalty and increase your share of each customer's wallet.


We can help with:

  • centralised multichannel customer data repository
  • campaign set up and analysis
  • reporting & user dashboards
  • points-based loyalty programmes
  • cardless in-store data capture
  • in-store and online loyalty programmes
  • multichannel customer analytics & insight
  • data management, cleansing and hygiene
  • contact management & in-store clientelling
  • predictive modelling
  • mapping
  • CRM Loyalty business case development and programme management
  • Innovative customer management: bump loyalty, iphone apps
  • Social CRM
  • CRM Loyalty recruitment
  • Outsourced CRM Loyalty services
  • Reward & Recognise programmes for Associates


You can choose to run your CRM and loyalty systems in-house or have us manage the entire programme, or components of it, for you.


To find out more about our Loyalty & CRM Solutions submit a query and we’ll get back to you.



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