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FrescaCommerce Express

E-commerce made quick and easy

FrescaCommerce Express is a pre-configured implementation of the FrescaCommerce platform based on our web templates, and contains a comprehensive range of standard features. It’s faster to set up than a fully customised site because standard elements can be used, reducing the time needed to code and test the site.

Right from the very early stages of development we can let you see exactly how your website will look when it goes live.


As well as being quicker to get up and running (typically 8-12 weeks), this approach also dramatically reduces your risk. And because it is faster, safer and easier, it makes it cheaper too – giving a quicker return on your investment.


FrescaCommerce Express uses the standard FrescaCommerce platform host infrastructure, giving you exactly the same service provision as a fully bespoke implementation. 

It’s extremely flexible, with style sheets allowing us to stamp your brand look and feel onto your new site and complete freedom for content pages. And it can be used as a foundation to build a more bespoke solution over time, if necessary.


 Snow & Rock climb new ecommerce heights Download the FrescaCommerce Express brochure (PDF 342Kb)


To find out more about our FrescaCommerce Express platform submit a query and we’ll get back to you.

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