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Getting the most out of Facebook

With over 500 million active users, love it or hate it, Facebook is not a marketing tool you should ignore.

We've got a couple of quick and easy ideas for you to improve your Facebook presence.

Add the Facebook 'like' button

A simple and quick way for customers to endorse your products they love. Even better, any product a customer loves immediately gets added to their profile on Facebook, encouraging their friends to come and have a look at your site.

Redesign your Facebook page & add email sign up

Do you have a Facebook fan page? Then why not customise it to reflect your brand and advertise some of the fantastic content you already have on your site?

Maybe you want to talk about your newest collections, a must-have purchase or can't miss event. Facebook is a great way to engage with your loyal followers.

Plus, increase your email database size by getting your Facebook fans to sign up for email communications straight from Facebook and get entered straight onto your website database.

Facebook Connect

Make your email sign up process even simpler for customers with Facebook Connect. Where we can retrieve customer's details by simply letting them enter their Facebook email and password.

Add Facebook Connect to your email registration page

Are you an eCircle Email Customer?

Did you know that you can integrate your email sign up with your eCircle email platform? This means that anyone who signs up for brand emails on Facebook automatically gets added into your email database with no need for data transfer.

Add a Facebook 'like' button to your product details page (and there's no need for a platform release)

Customise your Facebook page and add email sign up

To find out more about our Facebook marketing solutions submit a query and we’ll get back to you.

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