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What’s the biggest barrier when implementing an omnichannel retail experience?

When implementing an omni-channel strategy, what is your biggest challenge? Our research reveals that most retailers (65%) struggle with getting the omni-channel right, and cite underperforming technology, changing IT trends and the complex organizational infrastructure as the primary reasons.

By Béatrice Piquer-Durand, VP of Marketing, Ipanema Technologies

The customer challenge

As today’s tech-savvy consumers cross the threshold into the retail world, they expect a modern shopping experience; and retailers’ increasing focus on customers is driving the omni-channel movement. Retailers understand the customer-centric experience as excellent customer service (58%), fast transactions (55%) and interchangeable purchase channels (49%); however, only 35% of respondents described their customer experience as excellent. These statistics clearly convey that retailers are grappling with this challenge.

The technology challenge

Back-office technology underpins the delivery of the omni-channel experience. However, according to our research, technology issues are also hampering their efforts: a sprawling IT infrastructure (74%), business pressure to provide technology innovation (71%), and, as always, cost savings.

While the vast majority (76%) recognize the importance of excellent application performance, there are still many that lack confidence in the ability of their IT infrastructure to deliver it (78%), roll out new applications (78%) or manage application SLAs (77%).

The application imperative

The ultimate shopping experience depends on a robust omni-channel that delivers speed, Quality of Service and a seamless channel service. Guaranteeing the performance of key retail applications is the surest way to close the gap and deliver that experience.

In fact, if retailers made significant improvements to their omni-channel approach by the end of the year, more than half would expect to see an increase in sales (55%), increased market share (47%), positive word of mouth (47%) and cost savings (46%).

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