We are the company behind some of the UK's fastest-growing and most successful e-commerce websites.

BT Expedite and BT Fresca together make up the retail solutions division of BT. We have a fanatical focus on retail, providing solutions to more than 80 of Europe's leading retailers to streamline processes, optimise information and meet the evolving merchandise and service expectations of multichannel shoppers.

A unique combination

We offer a unique combination of experienced retail consultancy with carefully chosen best of breed applications all brought together under BT, a company you can trust. We are the safest bet for business transformation for retailers and our retail specialists ensure our solutions fully support the unique aspects of your business.


Our solution set spans every area of retailing: planning, sourcing, merchandising, store solutions, multichannel, e-commerce, sales analytics and CRM, plus network infrastructure, hardware, training and professional service expertise.

One-stop shop

Our one-stop shop, single-contract approach takes the strain and complexity out of delivering the infrastructure you need to drive your business forward and enables you to focus on the competitive elements that make the difference to you and your customers.


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Best of breed retail solutions

We offer a broad range of the highest quality technologies, services and best-of-breed applications across software, hardware, e-learning software, installation and maintenance , payment solutions and software infrastructure providers. Coupled with our own experience and know-how we can deliver the right resources for your organisation.

United in the pursuit of retail excellence

What unites the software companies we have chosen to partner with? Unparalleled expertise in a retail sector, longevity and the pursuit of excellence.

  • Epicor can trace its roots in retail software back to the early seventies. In today’s competitive retail marketplace, your quest for success is a search for insight, efficiency, and differentiation. It calls for accurate, accessible information; streamlined operations; and the ability to deliver exciting merchandise and services that truly stand out. It calls for Store and Supply Chain solutions from Epicor. Read more about Epicor.
  • Momentis provides world-class software solutions to wholesalers, manufacturers, and self-sourcing retailers in the soft goods industries. The original founders Momentis still head up a company that was started in Montreal, Canada over 30 years ago

BT Expedite is proud to work with these companies and many others. To their software, products and services we add our unique solutions such as our award-winning Elearning capabilities and our proactive estate monitoring services.

All this, together with our skilled and knowledgeable consultants, professional services, project management and support staff allows us to provide world class end-to-end solutions backed by BT. "We struggle to think of anyone who could compete with such a portfolio at this point in UK Retail" Martec