e-gift cards & mobile vouchers

Electronic gift card and voucher use is a fast growing retail area.

In our increasingly cashless and card-based society, consumers are looking for flexible, simple ways to redeem electronic gift cards or vouchers that they can use in any channel, across your store estate.

For gift cards to be profitable, they must be easy for you to sell and track without generating huge management overheads.


Our mobile marketing solutions enable you to leverage your customer insight and offer highly focussed coupons and promotions direct to the customer’s mobile.


Your flexible multichannel gift card solution


Within our portfolio of store and customer based solutions is an award winning gift card management solution that:

  • Provides real-time updating of available balances for gift cards, gift certificates, and merchandise credits
  • Verifies card information, balance and status against the most current balance in the central voucher database
  • Makes gift cards redeemable across the business as soon as they are activated to provide that instant gift option

  • Integrates sales channels with a single offer redeemable anywhere
  • Centralises control and provides an accurate picture of existing liabilities
  • Provides shoppers with peace of mind as lost or stolen cards can be easily deactivated and replaced
  • Enables top-ups for repeated use
  • Reduces cost of ownership by up to 30per cent when compared with paper-based vouchers
  • Increase front-end productivity with gift card transactions that can be performed in under 30 seconds
  • Reduces fraud as a gift card has no value until the transaction has been processed.