Getting everything in the right place at the right time for the right people

Customers dictate retail. Whether it is in-store, online or over the phone, they want to see what’s available and how soon they can get it. But trying to keep up with competing demands from different channels can cause chaos behind the scenes.

This chaos, or lack of integration on the supply side, makes you less competitive, and can end up disappointing your customers. Fail to deliver the goods, and you could lose a customer for ever.


An answer tailored to your unique needs

Working with you we’ll deliver an end-to-end solution that synchronises all functions within the retail cycle. We'll address all retail business processes, including purchasing, receiving, pricing, stock management, allocation, replenishment, decision support, and warehousing. Our solution allows you to effectively manage your inventory across the enterprise – helping you to buy smart and sell through efficiently – and includes:


  • purchase orders supports many models of purchasing and distribution including cross-dock and drop-ship. It also integrates with allocation and replenishment to dramatically reduce the time spent creating and distributing POS.
  • inventory management maximises merchandise flow and productivity levels. Automated replenishment, for example, provides the right inventory levels by stock keeping unit for your stores to meet sales goals and automatically adjusts based on sales trends, resulting in greater sales and higher margins with a minimised inventory investment
  • price management makes permanent and temporary price changes easy to manage, with the flexibility to control prices by location, colour and a multitude of combinations to drive your sales and gross margin results

  • warehouse management gets the product turned around and out to the right stores more quickly and efficiently
  • allocation streamlines and automates the allocation process linking purchasing, receiving and transfer modules with the Data Warehouse putting all critical information at the allocator’s fingertips
  • orders and fulfillment is a complete order processing, fulfillment and customer service application for the multichannel retailer which serves as a command post for all customer orders, regardless of their origin
  • ecommerce provides website design capabilities with seamless integration to merchandising allowing merchandisers to manage the web store through an easy user interface
  • reporting and analysis allows your users to take full advantage of the valuable data in your Epicor merchandising business software solution
  • total warehouse management includes inventory control, finite bin and package definitions, task and load management and interactive, real-time management of activities and consumption
  • multichannel order processing with automated electronic data interchange (EDI), kitting and item configuration
  • inbound and outbound serial tracking for pick planning, consolidated picking, order pack-out, cross-docking, carton packing, RFID, and manifesting interfaces.