Sales audit & operations management

Centralised sales information you can trust

Over 100 leading retailers in the UK, Europe and North America use our Audit Operations Management (AOM) Sales Analytics solution to increase productivity and drive better business decisions.

Multichannel analysis/compliance challenges


As your retail business expands (adding brands, chains and new sales channels) getting a single trusted view of your sales transactions and business performance is increasingly complex. Quickly identifying and resolving issues is the key to success in an increasingly competitive market and it’s not easy to achieve when you have to cope with manual guesswork or incomplete and untimely sales reporting.


Centralised sales information you can trust


Our Sales Analytics solution provides a centralised processor to validate transaction data from multiple channels and consolidate it into a single repository. Audit exceptions are identified to prompt corrective action. This underpins the integrity of corporate sales reports. Transaction data is accepted from multiple channels via batch or trickle processing from POS (multiple POSs can feed Sales Analytics), kiosk and web.

In-depth analysis and reporting


Analysis tools enable sales auditors to:

  • apply rules to pinpoint areas of concern to:
    • easily identify short/over trends
    • sift out problematic transactions
    • use guided audit to support fast and accurate resolution.
  • compare store performance versus:
    • other stores or operators within stores
    • the store estate.
  • access and distribute extensive store reports via Microsoft Reporting Services:
    • including real-time flash sales.
  • gather multi-country, currency, channel and brand (fascia) transaction data:
    • to be consolidated into a single database
    • or have separate audit and reporting functions.