Store & point of sale

Competing on the high street

The store remains one of the key customer touchpoints for multichannel retailers and is a vital part of a customer’s cross-channel shopping and brand experience. The growth of multichannel offers new opportunities for your store staff to serve customers better, whether this is at the till, customer services or on mobile devices on the shop floor.

Our in-store solutions, coupled with powerful back-office capabilities, enable you to offer robust and seamless cross-channel experiences:


  • click and collect
  • in-store visibility and ordering of estate-wide inventory
  • cross-channel customer relationship management (CRM) at an assistant’s fingertips
  • cross-channel gift cards

Designed to work as a seamless, scalable part of your point of sale (POS) solution, these capabilities can easily integrate with your existing Head Office infrastructure.  We have extensive experience helping our customers to plan, deploy and run leading cross-channel services and can help you do the same.