Supply chain & fulfillment

Providing the tools to manage your supply chain better

Cross-channel retail puts significant demands on your supply chain. From providing an accurate, real-time view of your inventory through to order management and orchestration, and of course keeping your customers up to date on the latest status of their orders.

Our solutions enable you to operate various models of supply chain: segregated or pooled stock, third party or in-house operations, salesfloor fulfilment or DC fulfilment. Designed to work with and complement your existing systems, our solutions can provide a single view of your inventory, manage the end-to-end process of fulfilling your customer orders and give you the management tools to control the scope and profitability of your customer orders.

BT will not only provide us with a reliable store platform, but in addition their management of some of the infrastructure means that we will be free to focus on developing our core retail business

Mark Macaulay
Associate Director of IT Services, JJB Sports