Supply chain

Getting things from A to B, without getting all at sea

You don’t need more information to make better decisions – you need better information. Our sophisticated and integrated software can power your entire retail enterprise, helping you get up-to-date, detailed, accurate information at your fingertips every day, so you can make critical decisions quickly and with total confidence.

Your customers are demanding

Customers want more choice, lower prices, better service and a greater availability of products. They also have a growing awareness of green issues and corporate responsibility in the supply chain. And if they don't get what they want, they’ll shop elsewhere. So you need to know exactly what your customers want and get the right products and services in place for them.


You need to be too

If you want to meet the expectations of your customers, you need a supply chain solution that enables you to plan merchandise by season, store and range, efficiently source goods across a global supply chain and distribute stock in line with customer demand.

But for many retailers the starting point is a confusing collection of existing disparate systems that are not integrated. There’s often a high degree of manual data entry and a lack of data visibility across the supply chain. All of this contributes to the risk of margin erosion, poor return on investment and failure to delight your customers.


Solving your supply chain issues

Our solutions have been developed to support best practice processes across the supply chain. We can deploy a one-stop shop solution to give you complete supply chain management or you can choose individual components to address specific requirements in merchandise planning or sourcing.