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We put the science of shopping into practice

We provide retail solutions. We combine technology with best practice and will take care of everything from planning and implementation to staff training and ongoing maintenance. Everything we do is focused on exceeding the expectation of your customers. Our solutions are behind some of the largest, busiest and most successful retail organisations in the UK.

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Multichannel retailing is much more than just offering customers alternative ways to shop. It’s all about integrating each channel to empower your customers and provide a continuous, seamless experience.

We can help you to get to a position where you can sell any stock through any customer touchpoint – what the Americans call “cross-channel order management” and the Brits more snappily title “click and collect”.

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Your store systems still lie at the heart of your organisation. Point of sale (POS) software is pivotal to the delivery of excellent retail service. We’ve been involved in developing and rolling out some of the most cutting edge POS and store systems for the last 20 years.

We have everything you need to run your store, build customer loyalty and boost the bottom line. Working closely with our clients we’re continually refining and honing our store solutions to help drive sales, meet customer expectations and get our clients ahead of the pack.

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supply chain

Modern retail moves faster than ever. Fashions, trends, seasons – even the weather – can all affect sales and you need to be able to move quickly to stay on top of things. You need to make sure you can get the right things in the right place at the right time, quickly.

We have a range of merchandising, sourcing and assortment planning solutions that will ensure that every store has what it needs to maximise sales and fulfil customer orders efficiently.

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managed services

You probably spend more time than you’d like to managing all the suppliers, hardware and software applications that support your operation. This is probably not making the best use of your time, effort and money – and is definitely not what attracted you to a career in retail.

Our managed services ensure that all your in-store applications, hardware and software are doing their jobs, and we’ll proactively monitor things to help identify and fix problems before they cause problems. Basically, we’ll take care of all of the dull – but essential – stuff, so you can be free to concentrate on your own job.

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We have a team of designers and e-commerce experts who have built sites for some of the UK’s biggest and best-known retailers. We know that it’s hard to compete online, with more and more retailers open for business on the web.

Our e-commerce platforms will give you an edge. We analyse what works – and what doesn’t – on every website we build. This means we can create a website for you that delights customers, and makes it easy for them to find what they want and buy it.

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Staff training in a retail environment throws up huge challenges: high staff turnover, the need for business continuity, staff empowerment, distributed workforces, new product introductions, new processes, retail technology developments, new legislation, demanding customers and increasing competition.

We’ve been developing and rolling out innovative retail training solutions for a number of years and can provide a tailored e-learning solution that will help cut paper costs and reduce assessor time. You’ll be able to support your store staff with personalised, accredited training and induction programmes, delivered directly to every till point.

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customer relationship management (CRM)

You won’t build loyalty by sending a 10 per cent discount out to everyone now and then. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about creating a satisfying, profitable, committed relationship with each and every customer – whatever their likes, however they shop.

Our loyalty and CRM solution gives you a complete view of your customers across all sales channels, so you can pinpoint what any individual wants and then give it to them. Personalised, targeted campaigns will help your marketing budget will go further, and get your customers buying more, more often.

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how we help you …

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