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Data networks for retailers

Keeping your store connected all day, every day

In today’s “always on” society, retail is a 24x7 operation requiring real-time data and with a growing reliance on the store being connected.

We’ve drawn on BT’s huge pool of communications expertise to create Retail Connect, a network product especially for retailers and managed by us, to provide:


  • reliability and speed
  • value for money
  • personal service
  • fast change control for adding stores
  • payment card industry (PCI) compliance – all of our designs meet PCI standards


From a broadband-based platform, we can build a solution with various resilience options, incorporating the most suitable elements from BT's massive portfolio.

Our managed service provides a 24x7 helpdesk to monitor the network and resolve incidents to keep stores connected. You’ll be able to get a real-time view of the store network – and can even keep tabs on this from your smartphone. So when you’re out and about you’ll still be in touch and in control at all times.


Capturing footfall and being in the right place on the High Street is critical, so change control needs to be quick and painless. Our change control desk keeps paperwork to a minimum and aims to get a store connected in the fastest possible timescale – typically six working days, if a phone line is already available..