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Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (iPLM)

Shrink lead times and reduce markdowns with collaborative design, development and trading

Fashion is fickle. To remain competitive and avoid markdowns, you need to tighten your supply chains, get the right product mix in the right stores at the right time and collaborate with your trading partners. Our integrated product lifecycle management (iPLM) solution can help you do just that.

Globalisation is adding to the challenges facing the apparel and footwear industry. The traditional roles of manufacturer, distributor and retailer are becoming increasingly blurred.

Many retailers are now designing and sourcing their own styles, while wholesale brands are venturing into retail, either on the web or by opening their own stores, and businesses are expanding rapidly using the franchise model.

Our integrated PLM application, (as used by Aurora and Lipsy, for example), enables apparel and footwear businesses to streamline the entire production process and channels to market on a global scale. It covers everything from initial design, through sample tracking, to B2B collaboration portals, so you can manage the progress of the style throughout its entire lifecycle. This means you can:

• create one central repository for product management
• collaborate globally on concept design and development
• streamline production and sourcing processes
• deliver the latest trends to your customer channels, whether high street customers or wholesales and franchise partners quickly
• ditch the complex spreadsheets!

As a secure web-based solution, iPLM maximises efficiency by improving development lead times. It does this by enabling more effective collaboration between your internal departments and external partners.

Further Information on our PLM services...

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All style information is consolidated in one central database, completely integrated into the rest of your back-office systems, giving you 'one version' of the truth and eliminating potential double entry of style information, therfore saving time. The solution also comes with built-in workflow management and alerts so you can reconcile progress across all departments.

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