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Sourcing & product development

Getting goods from concept to store shelf faster

How do you manage the critical path from design through to production and onto the sales floor? Our sourcing and product development solution provides you with the necessary tools for faster, cheaper and more efficient supply chain management.

It does this by centralising workflow management of product development, collaborative vendor negotiations, production and logistics tracking. With online, real-time data, and secure data updates, our solution will help you increase productivity throughout your supply chain with greater visibility of information.


Sourcing is the most important value-added activity that purchasing professionals perform. It requires a wide range of skills and subject matter expertise, as well as an inordinate amount of time gathering and comparing offerings from multiple suppliers. Automating these tasks allows buyers to focus more time and energy on strategic activities, such as:


  • integrating strategic sourcing, dynamic pricing and complex auctioning capabilities
  • buying, selling, or sourcing direct and indirect materials, goods, services, or spot purchases
  • maximising savings by negotiating the best combination of suppliers, products, services and prices automatically.


Delivering on your ideas

Our solution will help you save money through tighter supplier management. At the same time newly integrated, global information systems will help you make better use of your department’s resources. And, by speeding the time to market, more of your merchandise will reflect the latest trends.


We can track vendor performance from merchandise concept all the way through to products being sold in our stores. We believe we are going to see an increase in productivity of around 20 to 30 per cent.

John Bovill
IT Director, Aurora Fashions