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Mobile point of sale

It’s time to checkout and about

Built on multipurpose devices that empower your staff, give a comprehensive view of your stock and utilise the floor space in your store, our mobile POS solutions go way beyond queue-busting.

Check stock, take an order and accept payments wherever you are.

Armed with a mobile device your store staff will have a whole new range of services at their finger tips.


A better customer experience

No longer tied down to a limited number of fixed till points to carry out day-to-day functions, mobile POS enables staff to check for stock in store, offer alternatives or add-ons, order stock online, capture customer data, take payment and issue an e-receipt, wherever they are.  During quiet times staff can even use the devices to access training portals, research trends on the web or practice transactions.

That means your staff can offer a personal shopping experience, while capturing invaluable information on your customers. At the same time, customers receive a better, more personalised and quicker level of service. 

More space, more stock, more points of service, more sales 

Removing fixed till points means you can better utilise your store space, improving the store layout and displaying more stock.  And your staff will be able to quickly and easily see which items or sizes need replenishing or that might be hidden away in the back.  As the devices work anywhere with wi-fi access, selling is no longer limited to the store – so whether it’s a fashion show, music festival, pop up stand or even out on the street, you can take your store to your customers.

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Further Information on Mobile POS... 


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Quick and easy 

The best bit about our mobile POS is how quick and simple it is to use. It’s an extension of our current store system so set-up is easy too, and no special integration is needed.


To find out more about our Mobile POS Solutions submit a query and we’ll get back to you.


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