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GAME is the UK’s leading high-street videogames retailer. With over 340 stores and a strong online presence, giving their customers a great in-store experience is all-important.

“Having BT as a strategic partner has been a real boost to our progress this year – the pace at which we were able to work has been of huge benefit.”

Andy Grainger, IT Director, Game Retail LTD

GAME’s business needs

As the market for gaming moves forward digitally, GAME’s customers want to sample content in-store. It’s no longer a case of being satisfied with seeing a box on the shelf and buying it. Customers like to see more – such as what’s in the console and what the game’s content is like.

“They want and expect stores to have wi-fi so they can download actual content. And delivering for the gaming community really is key for us,” says Andy Grainger, IT Director at GAME.

Previously GAME had limited interactivity in its stores and an inefficient telecoms system. “When I took over IT,” Andy explains, “we had multiple telecoms partners, which just wasn’t practical.”

So the company was looking for a single supplier that could not only understand its business model but also grasp that wi-fi was a key part of its overall long-term strategy. It wanted a strategic partner to bring, and support, all its telecoms – including wi-fi – under one roof.


The BT Wi-fi solution

GAME chose BT as the single supplier and BT Wi-fi to build and support its new wireless network.

The BT Wi-fi fully-managed service will cover GAME’s entire portfolio. Each store will have BT broadband, a router, a wireless access point and a jointly branded GAME–BT hotspot log-in page. The BT Wi-fi team is taking care of everything, from auditing GAME’s sites to installing the equipment and providing long-term support.

With BT Wi-fi, GAME’s customers and visitors will get free access to the internet and their email in a simple, manageable way without compromising GAME’s own network security. And many of GAME’s stores will also have fully functional tablets on display offering customers live, interactive demonstrations.


The benefits of BT Wi-fi for GAME and its customers

By choosing BT Wi-fi, GAME is building a long-term partnership with a trusted expert – one that has over ten years of experience, 400,000 wi-fi installations under its belt and now has the world’s largest public wi-fi network.


A proactive partner

Andy Grainger adds, “Our customers will predominantly use the wi-fi to download content so it’s a different retail experience from what you’d get in almost any other high street store.”

Recognising these differences, appreciating GAME’s ambition to deliver excellence for the UK gaming community and understanding how wi-fi fits within GAME’s long-term strategy, BT has been proactive in its work with the company. Senior BT staff have attended GAME’s strategy sessions, offering ideas about how to meet the company’s – and the UK gaming community’s – needs.