BT for Retail Summit

The ultimate one stop retail solution shop

Tuesday 27 September

155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

Tuesday 27 September

155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

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Join us for the ultimate one-stop shop for retailers showcasing the very best in retail technology all under one roof from one trusted supplier

Why attend the next BT for Retail Summit?

Retailer-led breakouts: Hear real experiences and find out what is – and isn’t – working. We already have Charles Clinkard, EE, Halfords, NearSt, PayPal, Supergroup and Wagamama confirmed to speak and more will be added shortly.

Retail research findings: Get the latest insights into retail technology attitudes, trends and challenges from Michelle Beeson, Research Analyst, Forrester and grab your own exclusive copy of the latest retail research report.

Technology demonstration showcase: Try out 20+ innovations from analytics to wi-fi covering digital, store, back office, networks, merchandising, supply chain and customer experience.

Keynote presentations: From BT’s retail specialists, retail innovators CuteCircuit, partners Aptos, product experts, analysts Forrester, futurologists and BT Sport’s Jake Humphrey.

Keep checking back for the latest BT for Retail Summit session, speaker and demo announcements.

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Tuesday 27 September AM



Come along to see our full suite of retail solutions from analytics to wi-fi, through store, e-commerce, supply chain and loyalty as well as seeing some of the latest emerging technology that could shape the future of retail.  A few of our demos are listed below under the ‘Showcase’ tab.


Welcome to the BT for Retail Summit 2016, BT Sports Jake Humphrey will be hosting this main tent session where delegates will hear from BT’s retail specialists, Michelle Beeson, Research Analyst at Forrester will unveil the very latest key findings from Forrester’s upcoming retail research, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz founders of Internationally-known fashion house, CuteCircuit, who have been pushing the boundaries of wearable technology since its launch in 2004 will be talking interactive fashion and smart fabric plus Noel Goggin, CEO and Ian Rawlins, Strategy leader are coming over the pond to join us from Aptos to share some exciting news.


Tuesday 27 September PM


Join us for our retailer led breakout sessions.  We have several sessions running in the afternoon, each one is 45 minutes long and run simultaneously so you can chose whichever one suits you best.  Sessions include;

Every day someone else is proclaiming the arrival of the ‘next big thing’ in the world of payments. But how can you check which emerging technology makes sense – and are you ignoring the right ones? And how many customers have ever really paid with their mobile phones? Join our panel of payment experts, solution providers and retailers as we discuss these and other big payments questions in the ongoing search for what we all need: an agnostic solution that just works.
Speakers: Stewart Giles, Area manager, Halfords

Customers now expect up-to-date stock info instantly. But it can seem a massive challenge – in both cost and ways of working – to deliver the goods when you’re dealing with the realities of legacy systems. In this session, with help from NearSt, we’ll show you how you can directly connect your high street inventory to shoppers nearby to offer 1-hour delivery and instant click-and-collect using existing retail systems.
Speakers: Nick Brackenbury, Co-founder, NearSt, Scott Slinn, Head of supply chain solutions, BT Expedite

To be truly omnichannel, you need more than just your systems working together. You need your company to work together. But balancing technology and business requirements while delighting your customers is a constant challenge. So what are the best ways to adopt new technology in store? How do you adapt your processes to align with that? And how can Retail ops and IT work together better? Our panel will discuss their experiences, challenges and successes in delivering change.
Speakers: Mark Denton, Head of retail propositions, BT Expedite, Neil Hooper, Business systems manager, SuperGroup

Traditional retail silos are being shattered as leading omnichannel retailers wake up to the fact that separate pillars of online and offline retail are no longer relevant in the consumer age. Join us for an in-depth analysis of the restructuring efforts that major retailers are undergoing to consolidate their online and offline divisions into a single retail group, with a focus on company, not channel metrics. You’ll come away with insights into the benefits of getting a single customer view and the organisational issues that can hamper this.
Speakers: Michelle Beeson, Analyst, Forrester


Evening reception in the technology demonstration showcase for the chance to see any demos you missed through-out the day or to catch up with peers, the BT retail specialists or our retail speakers.  

Come along to see our full suite of retail solutions from analytics to wi-fi, through store, e-commerce, supply chain and loyalty as well as seeing some of the latest emerging technology that could shape the future of retail.

  • We have over 20 tech demos being shown at the Summit a few of these are:
  • Check out our fabulous CRM version 7 tool, which is multi-division (for companies with multiple brands, regions or franchises) and multi-lingual – with new drag and drop functionality and updated Loyalty features so you can run programmes by Brand or Region without getting in a tangle. We’ll also have a new Assisted Service/Clienteling release packed with new features such as supporting personalised email and sms from the store teams, link to customers connected to wifi instore, and a very helpful dashboard with top tasks and reminders highlighted. We’ll also show you new Insights & Analytics tools so you can get to know what your customer Pareto Curve looks like, or dip into the Cohort Trend of customers and revenue! Best of all, you’ll get a chance to meet our consultants. We are strong believers in our tools but just as much, in our people, who can help you with the Customer Engagement questions you might have.
  • Internationally-known fashion house, CuteCircuit, has been pushing the boundaries of wearable technology since its launch in 2004. A global leader in interactive fashion, CuteCircuit has introduced many ground-breaking ideas to the fashion world by integrating new beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics.
  • Eyetease® is a multi-award winning media and technology company specialising in disruptive digital media propositions for taxis. Ranked in the top 20 tech start-ups in the UK, the company has developed Europe’s first digital taxitop proposition (‘iTaxitop’) and the world’s first ads-for-access high speed in-cab wifi system for taxis (‘CabWifi’). With the simple deployment of adverts, sent remotely via 4G, to thousands of screens within seconds, brands can now expect to enjoy much shorter production and deployment lead times.
  • Driven by a unique blend of technology and industry expertise, our e-commerce solutions are proven in the field and trusted by some of the world’s best known brands. We can help you deliver aggressive sales growth, expand internationally and create an engaging, on-brand customer experience that gives you a competitive advantage. Come and talk to us about our latest platform – FCP6 – and find out how we’re helping some of the biggest retailers in the world succeed online.
  • With the Mercatus Workbench you get a suite of merchandiser and buyer tools so you can synchronise all functions within the retail cycle. Come and see the toolsets in action, including: workflow and task management; purchase order management; stock optimisation; price modelling; allocation, profile building; and grading wizards.
  • NearSt is building the future of how people shop, by connecting high street inventory directly to shoppers nearby. Their powerful technology uses existing legacy retail systems to show live in-store inventory to customers nearby, allowing retailers to offer 1-hour delivery and instant click-and-collect. All without changing the way you work.
  • Come and see how we can deliver an even stronger in-store experience with a range of new features to continue to make shopping easier. We can help you to deploy a seamless solution across mobile devices and fixed tills. We’ll also show you how our country pack approach means that you can move across borders with ease without extensive translation or the need to develop complex fiscal solutions. Our store solution is supported by the latest release of the BT learning and communication portal to ensure your people are better equipped to delight than ever before.
  • PayPal is helping retailers grow their business and delight customers by building best-in-class identity, payments, offers and loyalty into their own native apps. Our platform delivers a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities that enables your business to deploy your own secure mobile wallet solutions under your brand, in your app . Visit our interactive showcase to experience this cutting-edge tech first hand.
  • Strong security without the password: PixelPin’s unique security advantage comes from the use of picture login, eliminating passwords and their inherent weaknesses. We are visual creatures- our brain processes and stores 90% of information as images. Passwords are hard to remember but personal images are engaging and unforgettable. PixelPin delivers a user-friendly 2-factor authentication system for business, built to highly secure standards that can be used for customer logins or as an enterprise system. Integrating PixelPin gives the business compliance with the authentication requirements of PSD2.

Michelle serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Her research covers ecommerce in Europe, with a particular focus in the retail industry. Her current areas of research include European ecommerce trends and forecasting, multichannel retail, and the impact of changing consumer behaviour on the retail industry in Europe.

Graeme joined Charles Clinkard in 2013 during an end-to-end system implementation involving BT Expedite, where he was responsible for coordinating the multichannel elements of the project. Combining his 10 years’ experience in retail along with time spend in ecommerce project management his responsibilities include driving the multichannel capabilities of the business. With the help of BT Expedite, Graeme’s most recent project involved the launch of a new points-based reward programme, Your Rewards. In March of this year the first redemption was carried out.

Tanya Bowen

Tanya Bowen has worked with more than 75 retailers in the UK and North America over the past 15 years, focusing on CRM return on investment and customer appreciation. Today, Tanya spends much of her time working with retailers to develop tailored and overarching CRM programmes that mirror each retailer's business strategy. Retail-specific CRM technology is a critical first step to ensuring early and consistent CRM programme success. However, Tanya and her team are strong advocates of people skills and believe no amount of technology can substitute for a solid CRM programme and the desire to execute it – whether you are the CEO, a sales associate at the store, or an e-commerce marketing manager.

Nick is one of the founders at NearSt, setting up the business in 2015 to fundamentally change the way people shop on their high streets. Prior to founding NearSt, Nick built and led teams on iconic global accounts at Ogilvy and OgilvyOne. He has a wealth of digital experience from working as an Account Director with clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Nestle, BP, Ford, Diageo, and IBM.

Mark Denton

Mark has been working with retail solutions and technology for over ten years delivering and designing solutions ranging from traditional POS to cutting-edge innovation in store. Working with a wide range of BT Expedite’s customers, Mark is passionate about ensuring the underlying retail systems can be used to deliver new customer experiences and introduce new technology to give competitive advantage.

Stewart has been with Halfords since 2012, having worked across various General Merchandise and Grocery retailers for the last 24 years. During his time in retail he has delivered many roles from workload and communications planning to field management, this exposure has proven invaluable within his current role at Halfords. Stewart is project managing the design and delivery of a new omni-channel solution to provide customers and colleagues with a significantly improved experience. This solution will transform the business and replace a solution that is over 9 years old, with increased functionality such as Mobile POS, CRM, eDiary and digital Integration.

As CEO of Aptos, Noel is committed to creating a different kind of software company that is committed to Engaging Customers Differently in order to build relationships based on trust, transparency, mutual respect and mutual success. As a former founder of Store Perform, General Manager at RedPrairie, and Executive Vice President and General Manager at Epicor, Noel has the experience required to fulfill his vision and help Aptos extend its leadership position in the retail technology industry.

Neil joined SuperGroup in 2011 with a mandate to transform legacy Retail IT systems to pave the way for rapid international expansion of a retailer with global ambitions. Neil has over 15 years’ experience in Retail and was instrumental in delivering an end-to-end systems implementation involving BT Expedite, which has underpinned SuperGroup’s store growth from 100 locations in UK & EIRE to over 250 sites in 11 countries. Neil is now responsible for managing business as usual service as well as steering an ongoing programme of change to ensure SuperGroup’s retail systems continue to meet business growth and stay ahead of the curve.

An experienced and knowledgeable Television and Radio broadcaster, Jake is currently the face of Premier League Football on BT Sport having been at the forefront of much of BBC Sport’s coverage for many national and international events. In 2012, he broadcast at the European Championships, hosted Summer Olympics coverage for BBC One and BBC Three, as well as anchoring the BBC’s award-winning Formula One coverage - a role he performed since the sport’s return to the broadcaster in 2009. This year Jake will be hosting the BT for Retail Summit.

Andre has worked at Wagamama since late 2014. Alongside developing a social and digital strategy Andre started work on pulling together a plan for driving customer loyalty - at the heart of which is a single customer view. Andre employed BT Expedite in 2015 to help make the SCV a reality and to also help bring his loyalty dream to life. The new Wagamama app and loyalty scheme launches this Autumn and Andre will be talking about his SCV and loyalty journey at the summit.

Mike King

Mike joined BT from Marks & Spencer where, as principal technical architect, he drew on a wealth of experience across the whole gamut of technology to help define the retailer’s overarching technical strategy. With a passion for getting value from technology, regardless of where it sits in the retail process, Mike has eye on everything from core infrastructure elements to retail theatre innovation. He’s also a firm believer in the importance of data quality and using technology to provide business process transparency – all underpinned by an understanding of the power of technology to transform the way we live, work and shop.

Ian Rawlins

Ian directs overall strategy and programs for positioning and delivering Aptos solutions to softgoods, specialty and general merchandise retailers worldwide. Working closely with executive management and his senior directors, Ian is responsible for driving market identity, acceptance and use of all Aptos products and for enabling related revenue growth. In this capacity, Ian applies more than 25 years of success as a technology industry executive and entrepreneur. Following pivotal roles at Q.W. Page & Associates and REF Retail Systems, Ian co-founded Trimax Retail Systems, later known as Triversity, led it to a position of global leadership, and oversaw its acquisition by SAP. He then offered consulting services to leading technology companies seeking to capitalize on market opportunities before joining the predecessor to Aptos in 2010.

Francesca Rosella is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of fashion brand CuteCircuit. Founded in 2004, CuteCircuit is the leading pioneer in the field of wearable technology and interactive fashion introducing many ground breaking ideas to the world of fashion by integrating beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics. CuteCircuit built the first fashion company that creates interactive garments featuring micro sensors and LED illumination. The CuteCircuit collections are the first interactive fashion collections shown at NYFW, key garments are featured in museum’s permanent collections worldwide, Haute Couture is worn by celebrities on the red carpet and have also been the first sensor-enhanced and luminous ready to wear sold in leading luxury department stores

Dave and his team are at the forefront of the digital payments revolution. Dedicated to helping the UK’s largest and best known brands directly address some of the biggest challenges facing their businesses today. He knows that technology can transform customer engagement; deliver growth; protect against complex threats and ensure relevance in a highly competitive, mobile-rich environment.

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155 Bishopsgate is served by many bus routes including 388, 242, 149, 135, 78, 48, 47, 42, 35, 26 and 8.

On foot from Liverpool street station walk along “Bishopsgate Arcade” keeping the shops on your left. Keep walking for 2 minutes past RBS and various shops including Space NK and EAT. Just past these is the entrance to 155 Bishopsgate on your left.

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