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Pets at Home launch a new Pet Care iPhone application

Friday 25 February, 2011

Pets at Home launch a new Pet Care iPhone application

Pets at Home has launched a new Pet Care iPhone/iPad/iTouch application.  This is a first step for the company and heralds the beginning of further developments in the area.  This follows on from their recent 'Click and Collect' multi-channel initiative.   The app has been developed by partner BT Expedite and integrated into the existing Pets at Home multichannel architecture, delivering the following functionality:

*             Helps you care for your pets by keeping their details in one place.

*             Allows you to keep a diary of your pet and upload photos straight to Facebook

*             Tells you about exclusive offers as well as news and events

*             Keeps track of those important dates for your pets visits and inoculations

Pets at Home is one of the first retailers in the UK to use BT's Virtual Data Centre (VDC) to run BT Expedite's iPhone application. Using a VDC means the retailer has the optimum processing capacity available at any time. It can grow and shrink with their needs, but they only pay for the processing power that they actually use.

Matt Stead, Pets at Home Director of Multi-Channel commented "We are committed to interacting with our customers using all the latest technologies. The new app gives us an additional way to learn more about our customers and their pets. It gives us the ability to provide those customers with relevant and targeted pet care information, specific offers and event information. In addition, the app provides pet owners a single place to store their pet details, photos, vet info, the ability to share messages, notes and photos with their friends through the social element.”

Steve Thomas, BT Expedites CTO commented "Working with Pets at Home has been great. We both had a vision to deliver something that was both fun and useful for their customers and we set ourselves very aggressive delivery timescales. The investment we have made over the last two years to deliver our "Integrated Store" multi-channel platform has allowed us to deliver the Pets at Home app in a very agile way. The interesting piece for the team has been ensuring the back end infrastructure behind the app is reliable and scalable to meet any future usage patterns. To enable us to do this we have deployed the app into BT's VDC cloud infrastructure, this gives us the ability to scale very quickly according to demand whilst giving Pets at Home a cost effective and versatile means of delivering this new channel."

Pets at Home has over 270 stores across the UK offering great products, tips and advice to keep your pet happy and healthy.  From specialist pet food to toys and training aids, there is everything a pet owner could wish for and more. 

Download the Pets at Home app

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