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Customer satisfaction hits 90 per cent as JJB Sports brings web and high street together

Wednesday 15 December, 2010

Customer satisfaction hits 90 per cent as JJB Sports brings web and high street together

JJB Sports has always been keen to get the latest technology in place to provide customers and staff with what they need. The latest project has seen the sports retailer roll out our Integrated Store solution. Now every store – no matter what size – can offer a full range of stock to customers. And new cross-channel options like "buy and collect" make it easier than ever for customers to find what they want, place an order and collect it.

As one of the country's top sports retailers, JJB Sports has a massive range of sporting goods. But in a multichannel world, smaller stores unable to stock the full range available were running the risk of losing sales. So the JJB Sports team worked with us to tackle this problem.

Our Integrated Store solution helps reduce the risk of lost sales. It provides much more flexibility to customers – but it's also added a lot more value, as recent customer surveys have shown.

Getting Integrated Store in place was a smooth operation, beginning with a two-store pilot. After a couple of months it was extended to 30-40 pilot stores and then rolled out to all 245 UK stores.

JJB Sports Senior Project Manager Dan Hayes said: "The whole project, and especially the roll-out, went really well. It was a huge project, and not just from an IT point of view. We wanted to improve processes and the way we did things generally. The planning undertaken certainly paid dividends in the end with the business benefit fully delivered."

IT Director Mark Macaulay added: "We analysed our people's daily activities and looked at how we could get better results. So there were a lot of changes to business procedures at head office, as well as in store. We essentially re-engineered a lot of our processes including customer services taking up a more pro-active retail store support role. But we involved everyone early on and this was vital to the project's success."



Integrated Store links the store and web channels, providing a seamless customer experience. It gives customers the ability to shop on their own terms. The JJB Sports solution is built on BT's FrescaCommerce platform and Store 6 Point of Sale(POS) solution. Key business benefits are:

- the full online range is available in any store, regardless of square footage
- customers can return items to any store
- no more missed sales for out of stocks
- increased online conversions and in-store footfall
- in-store staff are incentivised to boost sales figures.

Tom Wilcock, E-Commerce Design & Development Manager said: "We now have the ability to offer our full product range in every store, which is key for us. The new system helps prevent lost sales in store, adds flexibility to our delivery service and also presents us with an opportunity to up-sell when customers collect their orders. Our customers have responded really positively to our new service."


The customer is always right

During the pilot stage, JJB Sports ran two customer surveys. The results helped them identify what was working well – and what needed further thought. For example, the automated notifications (sent when items arrived in store) were changed to be clearer, with instructions made more prominent. Similarly, during the pilot items ordered online arrived in store in a plain grey bag. Not the greatest result, from a customer experience point of view – not to mention the possibility of the wrong item being inside.

Now staff open the delivery and put it in a JJB Sports bag. It's a better experience for everyone – as well as checking the content, store staff have the added bonus of being able to up-sell, based on what goods are being collected.


Proving incremental sales

Most of all, JJB Sports was keen to find out whether this capability saved lost sales and drove incremental orders rather than just shifting existing sales from the e-commerce platform. And the survey results have been very positive on this front. A large proportion of people who ordered online bought something in store when they collected their order and 90 per cent of customers said they would order again using the buy and collect service.

These results show that customers really value the new service that JJB Sports is offering and that it is delivering results.


The added benefits of a managed service

JJB Sports opted to run Integrated Store as a managed service which means we're responsible for the e-commerce as well as the store systems.

Ian Mellor, JJB Business Director for BT Expedite said: "Our managed service means we can make sure the data feeds are current and reconcile the data together. We also provide first line support so we can ensure high availability and a great customer experience."


What next?

Bringing web and store together is boosting the bottom line for JJB Sports. But it's part of a bigger e-commerce project. For example, the company is already looking at ways of sharing product information with customers, either through swivelling the existing POS screens or in-store kiosks.

That's the next step on a journey towards creating a genuine, seamless multichannel customer experience – while keeping JJB Sports ahead of the game.

For more information on Integrated Store and how it can help you get click and collect in place quickly and easily, contact 0870 850 6880 or visit

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